Inventor of the Trailer Gator, Adam Pappalardo, purchased a boat in 2005. I didn’t notice a wobble at all when I was towing our 2.5-year-old. Installation involves removing the seat post, sliding the Trail Gator hitch onto the seat post, reinstalling the seat post, and tightening two bolts on the Trail Gator hitch. The lock that we recommend is the Master Training wheels are the norm and your child can’t ride long distances that way. Based on their response, it seems that many others before me have probably had this issue. Family rides or commuting through city streets where it would be beneficial to keep your little out of traffic, That hill is just a bit too daunting for your child! For the 2020 holiday season, returnable items shipped between October 1 and December 31 can be returned until January 31, 2021. Trailer Gator™ is made from a hardened steel frame which defies cutting. On our small women’s frame bike with 26″ wheels, we were able to mount the Trail Gator over an Axiom adjustable rack. 360° Photos. (Both of these happened to us, and you’ll find plenty of people complaining about it on Amazon.). Thieves typically defeat the trailer owner’s inferior lock with ease. 37 Pad-lock; this lock is a proven rugged, reliable and inexpensive lock that The Trail-Gator has allowed our youngest son to ride the trails with the rest of the family even though he only has a small single speed bike. In general, because every adult bike and every child bike is different, installation requires a lot of trial and error that just can’t be avoided based on the Trail Gator’s design. If your seat post is between 1″ – 1.16″, you’ll need to insert one or both of the included shims into the hitch before you place it over your seat post. Free shipping on many items | Browse your favorite brands | affordable prices. Bottom plate on the Trailer Gator™ that prevents a trailer ball from being inserted into coupler. A secure and precise fit around the coupler flange which leverages the coupler’s own flange to prevent the While a bit wobbly in use, this tow bar gets the job done for a pretty bang up price. We’ve used a lot of tag along bikes and bike towing options. However, we had to lower the rack almost all the way down. This is the bar only. The water wasn’t terribly cold, but not seeing what was in front of my feet was the worst part. As the adult rider, you’ll feel the “drag” when this occurs, but it’s not a drastic jolt that would cause you to lose your balance. You could even bring along a bungee cord to attach it to the rack. In full transparency, we had a heck of a time getting our Trail Gator to work right, but once we did, it was SO. Tag Alongs + Bike Attachments Buying Guide, Affiliate links are included in this review. The child’s handlebars should not move when using the Trail Gator. take longer to process. 5 out of 5 stars. Delivery time for USP ground is usually Both of these bikes have ~29″ wheels, which requires the rack to be set higher than on a bike with smaller wheels. Photos. The adult bike attachment is similar to many other trailer cycles. Carrie Wren has four little shredders and has been testing bike products with them since 2016. On our larger Fuji hybrid bike and Priority Classic Gotham bike (both have racks installed), we were not able to use the Trail Gator. All models come in an industrial powder-coat red and yellow weather matte decal. Used JOHN DEERE TRAIL GATOR HPX For Sale In Lebanon, Pennsylvania. 37 pad-lock box in the checkout section. Note: We were unable to fit the arm into the bracket with a rear rack installed. Fits couplers up to 4-1/8" (inches) wide and up to 11-7/8" (inches) long. has been tested against new and old methods alike for would-be thieves giving you a quality piece of mind. Page 2, John Deere Trail Gator Parts and Accessories - The gator sits, waiting, in the mud bank off the river, it's nearly perfect design has remained outward Learn how your comment data is processed. This is the bolt and nut that attaches coupler to the trailer tongue. MUST HAVE PAID INVOICE. Items We were unable to mount the hitch to our seat post because the rack was higher than our seat post collar. A very small number of trailer couplers are installed with extra long bolts attaching coupler to trailer tongue. As the adult rider, you’ll feel the “dr… It was a drastic enough lean that our kid bike testers started complaining after the initial 30 seconds of “wow” factor wore out. He began to notice that when he searched for options to protect his investment nothing came close to the security he desired. While this won’t be a problem with bikes that have more slack in the brake cables (like our woom 3), just be aware that it could be an issue if your child’s bike has hand brakes. FTC Disclosure: Affiliate links are included in this review. Stored on the adult bike when not in use, you can decide mid-ride to connect the bikes and tow a tired kid home! Once you find a configuration that works for you, you still have to test it connected to the adult bike. It was better with my 35-pound 4-year-old. All orders are shipped UPS. Enter the Trail Gator tow bar! Due to the time required to install the mounting block on the child’s bike, if you want to use a single Trail Gator with different child bikes, you’ll definitely want to look into purchasing additional receiver kits. Trailer Gator™ is inspected then shipped securely and promptly by our staff, giving you the quality Our limited office times can cause a delay. To achieve this, a small stabilizer rod swings down from the tow bar and connects to a clamp on the front fork of the child’s bike. Videos. Fitment of most standard trailer couplers (excluding couplers with surge brakes due to the large “stepped” To complete your on-line order, Tortoise Trail — (0.23 miles, Easy, Shade) This shortcut trail divides Piney Wood Loop in half. Fits couplers up to 4-5/8" (inches) wide and 11-3/8" (inches) long. No monetary compensation was provided for this review. PO Box 928, Atkinson, NH 03811. Our kids thought it was a total hoot for mom to tow them on their own bikes! The Trailer Gator™’s design prevents the coupler from being taken off and replaced by covering the This trailer coupler locking device is designed to protect smaller trailers. Lot # 192 - JOHN DEERE TRAIL GATOR . The Trail-Gator is the proven concept to make longer family bicycle tours possible and has been the market leader for 30 years. $75.00. To attach the clamp to the fork, you have to remove the front wheel of the child’s bike. John Deere Trail Gator The gator sits, waiting, in the mud bank off the river, it's nearly perfect design has remained outwardly the same since it's inception. 1 new & refurbished from $134.10. It is our belief that The Trailer Gator™ is the best trailer coupler lock on the The Trail Gator would have worked fine if we didn’t have the racks installed. The Trail Gator includes a small bracket that attaches to the skewer for the rear wheel of the adult bike, keeping the arm in place. Watch. It depends. All content and images are copyrighted and should not be used or replicated in any way. My mountain bike’s seat post was too wide, so we had to mount the Trail Gator on a different bike. The stabilizer rod needs to be adjusted and tightened on the tow arm at the appropriate distance from the child bike. size coupler bolts. The depth is 2 5/8" (inches) from the top of the coupler to the bottom of the coupler-inside dimension. It’s unobtrusive enough to keep the hitch on between uses. Having used a gator bar i wasnt impressed as it was heavy and no matter what you did you could not help but damage the rear bikes paintwork. Insert seat post through tow bar, facing gap in shim(s) to rear if used, and reinstall seat post. Bicycle Model# 439985 $ 22 72 $ 22 72. If you only have one bike, you may have to choose between the rack and the Trail Gator. This trailer coupler locking device is designed to protect smaller trailers, Fits couplers up to 4 1⁄8" (inches) wide and up to 9 6⁄8" (inches) long, Fits couplers up to 4 1⁄8" (inches) wide and up to 11 7⁄8" (inches) long, This trailer coupler locking device is designed to protect larger trailers, Fits couplers up to 4 5/8" (inches) wide and up to 11 3/8" (inches) long. Out of stock online. But if your seat post is too wide, it just won’t work at all. The Trail Gator tow arm is a unique tool that allows you to safely tow your child on their own bike. 64 Trail Gator Tow Bar Trailer Trail Gator Tow Rcvr Kit Only. Fits couplers up to 4-1/8" (inches) wide and up to 9-6/8" (inches) long. Sold Price: $1,800.00. Small and compact, it’s easy to bring along for the ride for those “just in case” scenarios. Special orders may also The Trail-Gator Bicycle Tow Bar converts an ordinary child's bike into a safe, towable trailer bike, whenever desired. After about another two hours of finagling and trying every possible solve they provided, we finally resolved the issue. The Trail Gator does not affect the child bike’s rear brakes in any way, so the child rider can brake unexpectedly while riding. Gator ETX Soft Roll Up Truck Bed Tonneau Cover | 137245 | Fits 2019 - 2021 New Body Style GMC Sierra 1500 & Chevrolet Silverado 1500 5' 10" Bed (70")| Made in the USA 4.5 out of 5 stars 1,497 $209.00 $ 209 . Not too far after the logs was the non-negotiable swamp walk. For Trail-Gator Flip Up Training Wheels, see item # 10310 . There are a ton of parts and pieces separated into several different bags, but they aren’t all grouped together in a way that makes sense. To unmount the child’s bike mid-ride, you start by removing the quick release from the child’s mounting plate. We are sorry, but The Trail Gator fits almost all kids’ bikes with wheels 12” to 20” in diameter. Transmission Type: Automatic. Important Note: A very small number of trailer couplers are installed with extra long bolts attaching coupler to trailer tongue. Easy to attach and disconnect when in a safe area for the little ones … We reached out to a few other Trail Gator users, and they did not have this issue. minutes and a $25.00 matching coupler. It’s actually pretty genius! Compatibility with multiple locks & padlocks, although we recommend Mul-T-Lock for the best the You pull out the pin at the center of the tow bar to allow the Trail Gator arm to collapse into itself to about half its length. The Trailer Gator not only provides a means to protect the trailer coupler itself, it also provides a better solution for padlock installation. TRAIL-GATOR BIKE TOW BAR 16-20" RED, *COMPLETE WITH ALL PARTS & INSTRUCTIONS* £79.95. market. BEST FOR: Families who need a temporary fix to tow small kids during bike rides. Carrie has a master's degree in Marketing from Northwestern University and thinks being a professional bike mom is living the dream. The Trailer GatorTM is a trailer coupler locking device that fits bolts Read the full review below for more details from our test rides. In theory, the set-up is pretty simple, but there are a lot of pieces, and we had to try several different configurations before the mounting plate fit our child’s bike appropriately. Bikes in the house, bikes in the garage... bikes are everywhere and it's the best way of life. Trail-Gator Children's Black Trailer Tow Bar Model# 640022 $ 68 00 $ 68 00. If you already have a coupler lock and would like to just We reached out to Trail Gator for help, and they provided several different potential solves. Out of our many adult bikes, we only had an issue with our mountain bikes. Trailer Gator™ attaches in seconds and is designed for use while the Stock Number: AUCTION 12/30/2020. Yes, most coupler locks will work, however, we recommend the Master Tag Art Global, LLC makes every effort to get your order to you as